College students learn sign language for national disabilities sports event

March 7, 2015
The students practice sign language 
with Fukuda (left), a Deaf instructor .

Wakayama-shi, Wakayama Prefecture:

The new course for a "team support volunteer" has been held at the city medical association nursing college in Wakayama-shi in March. 

Volunteers are expected to come into action for six days, leading players, doing an assistance, etc. at the 15th National Disabilities Sports event which will take place on October 24-26 in the prefecture in western Japan. 

The prefecture has opened the course at 14 schools related to medical treatment and welfare one after another in its prefecture, advancing training about 1,200 student volunteers.

A lecture is all three lessons, including orientation, sign language and note taking, which 37 freshmen are registered. They learned about sign language, deafness from Fukuda Mieko, president of the prefecture association of the Deaf, as a lecture on March 6.

One of the students commented, "I hope I remember what I learned, and make sure that I can support every player well".

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