Cafeteria where persons with disabilities work opens in city office

March 26, 2015

Sunny space for parents with little children 
The new cafeteria offers about 350 meals a day.

Sakai-shi, Osaka Prefecture:

The cafeteria called "Mori no kitchen (Kitchen in Woods)" opened underground in Sakai-shi government office in western Japan on February 2. It serves as a working place of the persons with disabilities as well as the base to promote charm of the city.

City officials said it was the first cafeteria in a government office building as a government ordinance city that employs persons with disabilities. The social welfare corporation called Cosmos that has a vocational aid center in the city, manages the new cafeteria.

Seven persons with disabilities, including a Deaf person, work in the kitchen with  the hourly wage 300 yen. About 350 meals are served a day such like noodles, rice bowl dishes and the daily set menu, etc. 

Japanese source:

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