Boradcasters judged not violations on TV programs about fake Deaf composer

March 6, 2015

The Broadcast Inspection Committee of Broadcast Ethics and Program Improvement System (BPO) published a final view about seven programs aired by five broadcasters on Samuragouchi Mamoru as a  "genius Deaf composer" on March 6.

It was found out that while being Deaf himself Samuragouchi had commissioned an another person to compose a piece of music actually in February, 2014. 

About many documentary programs had been aired to introduce him before he was found to be a fake, the committee investigated the programs and their broadcasters, stating, "It is obvious that these programs were suspected of falseness, giving misunderstanding to an audience".

On a result of the investigation, the committee explained, "It was also due to insufficient research by the broadcasters on coverage of the composition activity of Samuragouchi and his deafness. However, we judged that it is impossible to say there was a broadcast violation of ethics in each target program".

The committee chairperson also demands each broadcaster to inspect its work thoroughly and explain the result to an audience.

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