Sign language workshop for city councilors held

January 26, 2015  
City councilors challenge self-introduction 
using sign language by guidance of an 
instructor (right) at Sasayama City Office.

Sasayama-shi, Hyogo-ken:

The Sasayama-shi Council in Hyogo-ken next to Osaka held the sign language workshop on January 26 in the City Office. Two staff from the City Community Welfare Services Division in the City Office who also work as an interpreter were a lecturer for them.  

The "Sign Language Regulation" was established by the city in December, 2014 and will be carried out in April, 2015. The workshop was planned in order for the councilors to take the lead in learning sign language.

Chairperson Hayashi Shigeru (林茂) explained; When sign language is spreading over the citizens gradually by our councilors' using sign language on our own initiative, it will make the city a warm place for the weak".

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