Play to be performed related to Deaf A-bomb survivors' experience in summer

February 15, 2015  

Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture:

The Nagasaki Prefecture Association of the Deaf and the National Interpreting Problem Study Group Nagasaki Branch established an organizing committee for the performance titled "That  Summer - 1945" on February 14,  which commemorates atomic bombing that hit the city 70 years ago and informs of "the Deaf survivors".

There is no record about the number of the Deaf survivors of the atomic bombing in Nagasaki. The material published in 1986 by both the groups states "about one hundred Deaf victims".

Sakaguchi Yoshihisa (坂口義久), vice president of the Prefecture Association of the Deaf, was chosen as a chairperson at the organizing committee meeting in the city. He said, "the Deaf survivors of the atomic bombing were passing away one after another. We'd like to convey their experience to the generation who don't know a war."

The play project was accepted for the 70th anniversary of Nagasaki-shi Atomic Bombing. The Deaf theatre group called "Sign Art Project Asian" is planning to perform in Nagasaki-shi on July 25.

Japanese source

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