English article: Kindergartener youngest to pass sign language exam

February 9, 2015   
Clockwise from left: Nonoka, Sayaka, Akinao and 
Nikoharu Aman in Saito, Miyazaki Prefecture. 
They are using the sign language for “thank you.”


SAITO, Miyazaki Prefecture:

The quarrels that erupt between siblings Nonoka and Nikoharu Aman (阿萬暖々果, 和春) bring a smile to the face of their mother.

The children previously had trouble communicating, but Nonoka, 6, has become so proficient in sign language that she can now quickly get her point across to her deaf older brother.

Last year, Nonoka, at the age of 5, became the youngest person to pass the fifth grade of the nationwide sign language certification exam. At that level, she is capable of introducing herself through signing.

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