Deaflympian bronze medalist wins in marathon 

February 8, 2015

Kitakyuchu-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture:
Yamanaka Koichiro finished by the first place for 
men and stands for an awards ceremony (right).

Yamanaka Koichiro (山中孝一郎), a Deaf citizen runner belonging to the Tokyo Athletics Assocation, won the victory with 2 hours 29 minutes 41 seconds for the men race in the Kitakyushu  Marathon 2015 held in Kita-kyushu-shi, Fukuoka-ken, in Japan's southern island on February 8. 

He said, "I hoped to get a prize, but am glad to win the first prize after all."

Yamanaka began a marathon in 2007, and competed more than 30 times on a meet up to now. He got a bronze medal at the 2013 Deaflympics.

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