Deaf students commended for class newspaper contest

January 26, 2015
Award ceremony

Toyohashi-shi, Aichi-ken:

An award ceremony of the 34th Class Paper Contest was held by a few sponsors such as the Aichi Newspaper Education Research Conference at a department store in front of Toyohashi-shi Station on January 25.

There are total of 1,468 applications for the contest for elementary and junior high schoolers, and total of 62 individuals and groups won a prize.

Two sixth graders Morishita Kasumi (森下華純) and Furukawa Yoshimaru (古川義丸) of the Toyohashi School for the Deaf won in the wall newspaper session for their appeal about deafness. They were glad that they won an award, "We made a plain sentence in our wall newspaper, and we are happy that many people read it."

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