Deaf students challenge cooking Indian curry 

January 29, 2015
Gilly and the students cook a Indian dish together.

Wakayama-shi, Wakayama:

A lesson to experience Indian food culture was held at the Prefectural Wakayama School for the Deaf in Wakayama-shi in western Japan on January 27. As a lecturer, Ganeshu Gilly (ガネーシュ・ギリ), an Indian man who lives in the city, taught five Deaf students in advance courses how to make real curry.

Gilly has participated in the "Educational Support Menu Fair" which NPO and the enterprise opened last year to offer the class contents at school, sponsored by the prefecture education board. The School for the Deaf knew the class of Gilly at the Fair and asked him for the purpose that the Deaf students learn a different culture experience.

The students cooked following Gilly's direction. They ate curry for lunch with Gilly with his homemade Indian tea when a dish was completed. The students tasted ethical curry much while learning how to eat a nan.

The lecturer commented, "I'm happy because the students cooked with much interest. I hope they will raise the interest to the food by using seasonal vegetables and making it by hand."

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Tiffany Ho said...

Glad to see the deaf students of Japan also learning more about other cultures! Indian curry is delicious!