Deaf pro baseball pitcher meets with Deaf students at spring camp 

February 5, 2015  
"Silent K" Ishii (right) and Deaf students

Nago-shi, Okinawa-ken:

"Silent K" Ishii, a middle reliever of Nippon Meat Packers who is deaf since birth, met a group of students of the Tokyo Metropolitan Tachikawa School for the Deaf. They visited Nago-shi by a school excursion.
After practice, Director Kuriyama and "Silent K" Ishii met the group at a sub-ground. When one of the students asked Ishii, "Didn't you ever think it was hard?" and he replied, "No, I had never. My friends and teammates understand me well."

He said confidently, "For my target in this season  I will threw more than 50 games as a middle reliever and win the victory."

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