Deaf group enjoying tour of traditional Kakiemon kiln

January 31, 2015
Sakaida Kakiemon XV (left) guides participants 
in the atelier of Kakiemon kiln.

Arita-machi, Saga-ken:

Twenty one Deaf persons visited Kakiemon kiln and the Kyushu chinaware culture hall in Arita-machi located in Japan's southern island on January 22.

The Prefecture Support Center for the  Deaf, established in Saga-shi in April, 2014, has arranged an event aiming at a social involvement of the Deaf persons who don't have many chances to touch first-class art and culture. This time was the second since November, last year.

About 30 people participated in an Arita ware tour, including interpreters, note-takers and local sign language club members.

Sakaida Kakiemon XV, the present family hear, 46, who owns the Kakiemon kiln which represents Arita ware, showed around in the atelier. The family is doing this baking by the traditional firewood kiln which also became unusual at the town.

The participants observed the masterpieces and the first-class craftsman work of Arita ware which takes pride in tradition for about 400 years, also learned a story directly from the persons concerned and were moved.

Japanese source:

Kakiemon (Arita ware)

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