City assembly introduces interpreting for policy discussion experimentally

February 17, 2015   
Interpreting was provided experimentally in the 
seat for the public of the conference room.

Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture:

The Sendai-shi assembly in northeastern Japan carried out interpreting for the Deaf community about the general discussion at the monthly ordinary assembly experimentally only one day on  February 16. 

The assembly study a problem and a refinement for interpreting provision and is going to introduce it from a monthly ordinary assembly as well as a plenary session in June.

Twenty members of the City Association of the Deaf observed the assembly. Three interpreters interpreted exchanges between four assembly members and the city authorities. The interpreters worked for approximately two hours, ten minutes each by turns.

Matsumoto Katsuyuki, 70, president of the City Association of the Deaf said, "I couldn't but depend on assembly public information and the news until now to know the contents of the assembly". 

The city will place interpreters depending on the prior application of the Deaf citizens from a monthly ordinary assembly in June.

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