Mediators to be placed at all schools to strengthen sign language learning

January 8, 2015
Sign language learning at school after the Prefecture 
Sign Language regulation enforced in 2014.

Tottori Prefecture:

The Tottori Prefectural Education Board is advancing the plan which arranges "sign language mediators" at all 237 schools in the prefecture starting in April, 2015.

Sign language learning has started at schools after the Sign Language regulation establishment, but there is a difference in degrees of enthusiasm in the schools because it isn't obligation.

The Education Board is to put a person in charge at each school in order to strengthen the sign language learning and arrange the environment that the children can learn sign language willingly.

One of the teaching staff at each school will be appointed to the post concurrently, who acts as a mediator and as the person in charge of the meeting with the other volunteers and the school for the deaf.

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