Local towns make agreement with prefecture for disaster support to Deaf persons  

January 16, 2015

Tsu-shi, Mie-ken:

To provide more support to Deaf/deaf persons at the time of a disaster, the Mie Prefecture Deaf  Support Center located in Tsu-shi concluded an agreement with four towns, including Tamaki,  Minami-Ise, on January 15.

The support target is the person registered beyond a third class of auditory difficulties who doesn't hear a shout from close range according to the agreement.

These four towns will offer information on the name, the address, the phone number and the degree of the disability of the Deaf/deaf person who agrees to an offer of personal information to the Center. On the other hand, the Center will check safety confirmation of a Deaf/deaf person, dispatch an interpreter to a shelter, distribute a battery of a hearing aid, etc.  at the time of occurrence of an earthquake, storm and flood damage.

The Center and Ise-shi are the first example of similar agreement made in the country in April, 2013, the recent action being the second one.

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