Kanagawa-ken assembly approves "sign language regulation"

December 26, 2014
Deaf people are glad about formation of a sign 
language regulation, taking a ceremonial picture 
with members of the prefecture assembly in the gallery.


Kanagawa-ken assembly next to Tokyo approved the draft prefecture sign language ordinance which plans for the spread of sign language as "a cultural product with original language systems" by an unanimous vote by its regular meeting plenary session on December 25.

The ordinance will be carried out on April 1, 2015. For a Deaf person to secure the chance to use sign language for communication by the new regulation, as far as it's possible, the prefecture cooperates with towns and villages and advances the spread. 

This regulation asks an enterprise for the consideration when offering service to a Deaf person, employing, etc. as effort obligation, too.

The Prefecture Association of the Deaf had petitioned to establish a sign language ordinance, submitting 54,655 signatures to the  prefecture assembly.

Tottori-ken in western Japan carried out a similar regulation for the first time last year, and Kanagawa-ken is the second by the prefecture level.

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