Group supports parents through sign language for Deaf child rearing

January 22, 2015
The participants learn sign language.

Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken:

Once every month, the "Child Rearing Gathering" for Deaf/deaf preschoolers and their parents is opened at the city welfare hall in Kanazawa-ken near Tokyo. Such as the members are increased more than three times compared to the beginning, the group is supporting social welfare in the area at the grass-roots level.

Noma Shin (野間紳), 48, a former schoolteacher for Deaf children, organized a group to support child rearing. There is a gathering in almost all areas, but the gathering especially open for Deaf/deaf children and their parents is unusual. 

In 2012, Noma has begun to come into action with his former colleagues, volunteers who are college students and housewives, in order to offer the place where a Deaf/deaf child and the parent can communicate more with each other.

Various playground equipments such as crayons, folding paper, a ball, etc. are prepared for the children to play freely each time in the room. Noma explains, "This experience gives a Deaf/deaf child to concern an adult besides the family member and other children actively through play, which will give the Deaf/deaf child the opportunity to learn how to communicate verbally." 

Recently a Deaf staff teaches sign language to parents while lipreading them, in order for them to communicate with the Deaf/deaf children smoothly at home. One of the participants said, "As my child becomes older, sign language will be more necessary for training. I and my child are saved because we are learning sign language here besides the home."

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