Gathering held to celebrate Deaf persons who came of age

January 19, 2015
The Deaf young persons who became the adult 
tell their future goal using sign language.

Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken:

A coming-of-age ceremony is held in the middle of January annually around in Japan. The gathering to celebrate the young Deaf persons for coming of age took place at a city welfare plaza in Sendai-shi on January 18. 

Five graduates of the prefecture's special support school for the Deaf who will be 20 years old this year participated in the event.

In front of about 100 people including parents and welfare persons concerned, they told about their dream or goal in sign language, such as "I would like to challenge variously through a sport," "my future dream is to become a beautician", etc.

A person representing the city association of the Deaf which sponsored the gathering event encouraged the young people, saying, "Great Hanshin Earthquake has occurred 20 years ago when you were born. We also have experienced with Great Eastern Japan Earthquake that hit the prefecture four years before. Yet we must go forward."

Entrance into higher education such as a university by Deaf alumni from the special support schools for the Deaf across Japan was 41.6% in fiscal year 2011 according to the white paper on  persons with disabilities published in 2013. Getting a job was 32.7%. The percentage of manufacture/the work which operates assembly was 21.8%, the highest in all the jobs.

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