Deaf woman introduces hearing dog through cartoon in YouTube

January 7, 2015  

Osaka-shi, Osaka-ken

Ando Miki (安藤美紀), 45, Director of the Non-Profit Organization called "MAMIE" (Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi) carrying on support activity of children with disabilities, produced the cartoon which introduces a life of a person with hearing loss and the role of a hearing dog, which runs on YouTube (

There are two stories which Ando spent a month to produce. One is about the childhood of Ando who was born deaf, titled "What does it mean by hearing loss?", and another is about her hearing dog Leon who lives together titled "What is a Hearing dog?"

Such as a dog touches the body of the author and informs her that her cellular phone rings for an incoming e-mail, the everyday form of the hearing dog is described in the cartoon, which received a public response already, "Clearly, the cartoon is also cute".

Ando says, "I also received an opinion from many people, such like 'I found a hearing dog is able to understand sign language for the first time.' I want a lot of people to know more about a Deaf/deaf person and hearing dog".

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