Deaf students’ works to be shown at "graduation exhibition"

January 19, 2015
The students are preparing with the work 
for the "graduation exhibition".

Ichikawa-shi, Chiba-ken

A graduation show of Tsukuba University's Special Support School for the Deaf in Ichikawa-shi has been held every year. This year it will be the 25th, scheduled to be held at Yoshizawa Garden Gallery in the city for three days from January 23 with about fifty works.

At the school, only the national school for the Deaf in Japan with a national university corporation, older than eighteen-year-old students study a two-year-long advanced vocational course after graduating from the high school department.

Out of those students, three will finish the course majoring in the creative arts and design in March, 2015, having been busy with preparations of their works for the exhibit. 

They will be stationed in the meeting place during the exhibition and explain or answer a visitor's question.

All of them will walk the separate way after graduation; two will get a job, and the rest aims at university entrance.

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