Deaf school kitchen wins popularity by word-of-mouth

December 28, 2014
Deaf apprentice-students prepare
about 80 meals at the school kitchen.

A restaurant called "The Katsu Deaf Kitchen" at the Metropolitan Katsushika School for the Deaf in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, is managed once a month by the apprentice-students in a meeting room in the school.

About 80 meals for lunch are prepared and sold out each time. The "Kitchen" is put up a poster at the neighboring council in the area, and it gains popularity by through word-of-mouth communication from the customers.

The school is the only one nationwide which established a licensed cook training course in 2005. The students are to finish all the food-concerned program in the advanced course which leads to acquire a cooking license by national examination exemption.

The school started the project "The Katsu Deaf Kitchen" in June, 2013, with the object to strengthen the communication with the local community and develop the student's communication ability.

The opening of the Kitchen will be the 16th anniversary on December 20. There is also sale of a snack in the afternoon on Thursday once a month in addition to the restaurant.

One of the customers said, "I live in the neighborhood and have checked a notice by chance. It's inexpensive and good, so when a schedule matches, I come. A menu is different each time, so all my family enjoy it".

Restaurant in the school meeting room
Meal prepared by the Deaf students

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