Cartoon on misunderstanding of deafness

January 4, 2015

A cartoon (right) about misunderstanding of deafness was retweeted more than 60,000 times .


Good morning! I am Deaf, so I always use sign language for communication.

I met my hearing friend after a long time. She had learned sign language when we were primary students.

When we chatted on the road in a city, a mother and her child were walking by.

The child said to mother, “The girls are moving their hands!”

Mother said, bringing her index finger to the mouth, “Don’t speak!”

She said further, “God took voice out of these girls because they have done something wrong. If you don’t behave well, your voice may be taken away.”

The kid said, “Oh, they are bad. What have they done, I wonder?” My hearing friend heard what they talked.

She said to herself, “it cannot be true, I know, but I am really shocked  to hear such a thing the ignorant child said …”

The cartoon can be viewed on the link in Japanese:


Tiffany Ho said...

I can't believe it . . . if that comic is based on a real life experience, that's horrible!

Deaf Japan Network said...

So can't I... from a point of view that Japan has become modernized.