University rugby championship almost close to Deaf player

WTB Otsuka Takayuki of
Teikyo University (right)
December 21, 2014

The regular season game appearance put on as a target for WTB Otsuka Takayuki (大塚貴之), 22, a senior of Teikyo University in Tokyo.

He got over a handicap of being profoundly hearing loss, and grasped a chance competing with his 142 teammates aiming at 6 straight victories at the National Collegiate Rugby Tournament.

Otsuka entered a member list in Asahi University Competition in the 2nd stage of the 2nd collegiate tournament to be held on Dec. 21 at Kumagai, Saitama Prefecture. His uniform number is "23", a supplement in the back. "For me, because it's championship, I neither be conscious nor change with usual, I just do my best in each game".

He stepped on Chichibunomiya's attracted turf for the first time in the junior championship final game against Meiji University competition with teammates besides the 15 regular players on December 6. Otsuka stepped in a ground by the second half after 18 minutes as a change. "I didn't hear my fellows' and others encouragement, there was something appealing to me".

Otsuka's challenge met at compilation.

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