Metropolitan Police Department develops the mobile application for the Deaf to report emergency

Deaf person's report in blue color, and
Police Department's reply in red color.
November 29, 2014


The Metropolitan Police Department begins to use the exclusive application to make the Deaf/deaf persons possible to report to emergency number (#110) from the smart phone on December 1 at 13:00.

With the application, the Deaf reports a case or an accident, and an occurring place, etc. A picture of the site can be sent also. Such an application for a smart phone is reportedly the first in Japan.

A Deaf/deaf person needs to download the application from Apple Store or Google Play beforehand, before using it when encountering an event or an accident in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It's possible to exchange a message with the Metropolitan Police Department Telecommunication Dispatching Head Office.

Any non-Deaf/deaf person can't use the system, because there is a possibility to interfere the Deaf/deaf person reporting.

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