International exchange program through soccer game with Thai Deaf students

Aihara Yutaka, soccer coach
for Deaf students in Bangkok
December 25, 2014 

A soccer game took place for Deaf Japanese students and students of MAHAMEKU School for the Deaf in Bangkok, Thailand at the school ground of Otsuka School for the Deaf in Tokyo in October.

Deaf students usually don't have many chances to know outside easily. Even there is no chance for these students to have contact with foreigners. A former professional soccer player, Aihara Yutaka (相原豊), brought change to such an exclusive environment only by the soccer game.

He's an active leader to persons with disabilities at present. The wrist of his left arm has lacked since birth. When he was 23 years old, he made a professional contract in Thailand, and later he also played in Bangladesh and Uganda.

Aihara has lived in Bangkok since 2009, coaching a soccer club at the MAHAMEKU School for the Deaf.

This "international match" was achieved by Aihara, who led the Deaf student from Bangkok to Japan. This soccer game was valuable experience for the students of both schools, Thailand and Japan.

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