First national high school sign language performance event held

November 23, 2014 
The Tsuruhama High School students from
Ishikawa Prefecture who won the victory sung
a song in sign language with great feeling.  

Tottori-shi, Tottori Prefecture:

The first "National High School Sign Language Performance" took place in Tottori-shi in the prefecture, western Japan, which high school students compete for the expressiveness by the sign language while showing a dance and a drama.

Princess Kiko, wife of Prince Akishinonomiya, and her second daughter Kako attended.

Tottori Prefecture which established the "Sign Language Ordinance" for the first time nationwide last year held this event for the first time.

Princess Kiko gave a speech using sign language, introducing the episode at the opening ceremony: "I learned sign language after I saw a drama by sign language in my college days. I deepened my understanding of life and culture of persons who are Deaf/deaf."

Twenty teams, including the Tottori School for the Deaf, of 13 prefectures from across Japan, competing for accuracy and abundance of the expressiveness of of the sign language while performing.

Tatsuruhama High School (田鶴浜高校) of Ishikawa Prefecture won the victory as a result of the judgement.

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