Deaf woman supports sexual minority through forming organization

December 18, 2014  
Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture:

Born Deaf, Yamamoto Fuyumi (山本芙由美), 33, formed the group which supports a Deaf sexual minority (LGBT), called "Deaf-LGBT-Center" in Osaka-shi in spring this year as she herself is the person concerned who lives as "double minority".

While the existence of LGBT themselves isn't known much, Yamamoto is challenging a lot of problems through arranging training and dispatch of interpreters who know about LGBT, information thorough a lecture, etc.

Yamamoto was born under a Deaf parents, and belonged to a LGBT club at a university. She met the Deaf person, Ryo (諒) who would be her husband when she was a graduate school student.

Ryo changed the family census register to a man from a woman in 2011 because of gender identity disorders. In case of the statement, the Deaf couple felt strong uneasiness that the interpreters dispatched publicly at a family court who didn't have knowledge about LGBT and used contemptuous sign language expression.

A younger Deaf friend of Ryo's from the school days, who had gender identity disorders, too, had committed suicide at the end after he broke off relations with his parents three years ago.

Yamamoto felt regret then that she was not any of assistance, "Such a tragedy shouldn't be repeated." She was driven to take action.

She published the book which gathered information on Deaf LGBT, which gained a lot of response, and she additionally issued total of 16,000 copies.

Yamamoto will go to the U.S. in summer next year and learn Deaf LGBT support.

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