Deaf woman runs for "national long distance relay project"

Oikawa Toshiko has finished running at the goal.
November 28, 2014

A goal event of "Our Positive Long Distance Relay 2014", part of "The Long Distance Relay Around Japan Project", hosted by American Home Medical Treatment and Damage Insurance, took place on November 26 with a lot of participants.

The "Long Distance Relay Road Race" is a project that each runner connects a sash around Japan to encourage those people facing difficulty such as sickness, an injury, an accident, etc.

The race which was the third this year started at Tokyo on May 14, and about 1,900 runners and celebrities connected a sash for about 6 months through the whole country with 47 prefectures for about 9,200km.

The last runner arrived at the goal event, welcomed by a lot of clapping. Oikawa Toshiko (笈川敏子), a born-Deaf woman, was diagnosed breast cancer in 2013, but she says that an anticancer drug intravenous drip has been finished finally in August this year.

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