Deaf university student practices Japanese-styled fencing, Kendo

Ogura shakes a bamboo sword while
raising a loud voice during practice.
December 21, 2014

Beppu-shi, Oita Prefecture:

Ogura Takahiro (小椋敬大), a 19-year-old freshman and a Kendo Club member of Beppu University at Beppu-shi, Oita Prefecture in Japan's southern island, is severely hearing loss since birth.

When he was an elementary student, he read a novel of Musashi Miyamoto, a famous old swordsman who used two-swords in fencing, longed for kendo and entered a Kendo club at a junior high school.

At the university, Director Iwamoto Takamitsu  (岩本貴光), 43, was hired by the university Kendo Club in April, 2013, but he never had experienced in teaching a deaf student. He was afraid of injured danger on Ogura and thought he would decline the admission to the Kendo Club, but he decided to call Ogura and see his practice on probation.

Iwamoto was deeply impressed with Ogura shaking a bamboo sword into practice, desperately powerfully with loud voice. Iwamoto thought, "There is guts in the boy. His thought to do his best impacted me". Ogura was accepted to the Kendo Club.

Ogura is working hard on practice,  exceedingly by sensing an opponent's movement quickly through seeing it.

At the beginning of a match, he can't see a referee's sign, so when beginning, he always concentrates on an opponent's movement, and stands up at the same time when the opponent stands up.

Currently, Ogura never misses practice to shake a bamboo sword during a lunch break, saying "I can't catch up only by the same practice as everyone else. I really need do more".

His goal is to win a match in the regular season game.

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