Deaf tour conductor serving the Deaf community

December 6, 2014
Katagiri Koichi, a Deaf tour guide
using sign language.


Katagiri Koichi (片桐幸一), 35, is a first sign language tour conductor at the one of travel shops under the bargain travel company called "H.I.S.". He was hired in 2002 and has conducted a tour for Deaf persons or groups more than 60 times.

Born Deaf to a Deaf couple, he learned how to  pronounce Japanese from his grandmother.

When young, he intended to become a social worker. Turning point was his travel in Korea when he was a sophomore at a university. Katagiri said, "a solo travel gave me a confidence in myself".

He has begun an travel event using sign language since 2008, planning a group tour, such like pilgrims, a group exchange with the overseas school for the deaf, and an personal tour one after another for the Deaf community, which wins popularity.

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