College student interested in learning sign language after meeting Deaf woman

December 11, 2014
Ibaraki Prefecture:

The 18th overseas travel event, sponsored by Ibaraki Newspaper and Ibaraki Newspaper Cultural Group in eastern Japan, was participated by 188 persons with disabilities, family and volunteers, who enjoyed travel together in Guam on November 28 - December 1.

Among many participants aged older than 30, Inoue Kaori (井上香織), 20, a junior student at Ibaraki Christian College, communicated with the people around her actively without being timid.

She gave some participants a lecture how to sign one of the children's songs in the bus in order to perform at a farewell party to be held on the last night of the travel.

This good idea occurred to her while Inoue was learning sign language with a Deaf woman during the travel. She didn't know sign language at all up to that, but she says she'd like to learn more sign language.

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