Volunteers teach hearing students sign language to express disaster prevention in Tokushima Prefecture

A student (right) tells danger by the sign
language showing an "earthquake"
[photo: http://www.topics.or.jp]
November 17, 2014

The volunteer group "Ishii Sign Language Circle" of Ishii-cho in Tokushima Prefecture, western Japan has a activity program to teach elementary and junior high school students the "disaster prevention sign language" which tells a Deaf person about danger at the time of a disaster.

The Circle began its activity last year after they learned that at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, emergency information did not reach many Deaf persons, who did not get to know and fell victim to tsunami without the ability to take refuge.

Since there has been fear about the Nankai Trough massive earthquake or typhoon damage in the prefecture, the Circle decided to spread sign language related to disaster prevention by organizing a "sign language classroom" in two junior high schools, etc. once a year in the town.
The classroom opened for 67 students in Takaura Junior High School on November 12. Eight circle members taught them.

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