Tottori Prefecture announces the draft of a sign language measure promotion plan

October 30, 2014

Tottori Prefecture got into shape the draft of the basic policy titled "the prefectural sign language measure promotion plan" towards the spread of sign language based on the sign language ordinance.

The draft was explained by the person in charge of the welfare division at the meeting related to the sign language measure promotion in the prefectural office on October 23.

The draft included a numerical target, such as increasing the number of sign language interpreters to 65, the twice before the ordinance enforcement, focusing on " environmental management for easy-to-use  sign language," etc.

For nine years from April, 2015 to March, 2023, the plan will advance sign language spread in the local area or an office, and provide "an opportunity to study sign language with all the grades of all the schools."

As the example of a measure, the counseling service for the Deaf citizens will be expanded, and the sign language volunteers will watch the Deaf aged who tends to be isolated. 

Various opinions came out from the present members at the meeting. The prefecture will get a proposal into shape by around the end of 2014,  collect an opinion from the residents in the prefecture, and then summarize a plan by the spring of 2015.

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