Prefectural questionnaire result shows insufficient consideration for the Deaf in western Japan

October 24, 2014

Tottori Prefecture released the result of the questionnaire for the Deaf within the prefecture at the sign language measure promotion council on October 23.

The questionnaire was carried out in order to reflect a Deaf person's opinion in the "prefectural sign language measure promotion plan" to decide before the end of the year, and 137 Deaf persons responded. Also 159 persons concerned, such as an interpreter, answered.

Most of the respondents felt actually an understanding about sign language or a Deaf person increased by the prefectural sign language ordinance enforcement.

Meanwhile many people answered that there is insufficient consideration on communication in everyday life.

About the communication means in everyday life, 49.6% answered about the disaster prevention field (communication and information at a time of emergency), and 59.5% answered about the traffic field (train, bus), respectively, as "there is no considered at all for the Deaf."

A half of the respondents pointed out lack of consideration also in the area where a Deaf person resides. The sign language persons concerned pointed out isolation of the Deaf person in the town.

One member of the Tottori Prefectural Association of the Deaf said, "The result of questionnaire showed clearly the frank feeling of the Deaf persons. We want people to understand what troubles the Deaf person."

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