Policemen learn how to communicate with Deaf person at workshop

(photo: http://www.townnews.co.jp/)
October 31, 2014

In order to know how to communicate properly with the Deaf person, the Kanagawa Prefecture Saiwai Police Office held the workshop on October 30, in which about 80 policemen and staff concerned participated. 

It is the second time this month following May, because a policeman was unable to communicate with a deaf client by writing when asked about the road direction or at the scene of an incident or accident.

The lecturer was Kameya, a counselor for hearing loss persons in the Kawasaki-shi Information Culture Center for the Deaf.

She explained that there is misunderstanding about a Deaf person, giving an example; a hearing person tends to believe, "I think if I write something because the Deaf person can see", "I considered my message was understood since the Deaf person was nodding in assent", etc.

Moreover, although some deaf person understand communication by writing better than sign language, some born-deaf person prefer sign language to written communication.

Kameya advised to the policemen, "You need to check first whether sign language is required."

The policemen learned basic sign language and appreciated, saying, "I was happy to know what does not notice usually."

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