Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to tighten up the auditory disorder examination for disability card application

October 30, 2014

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare held the investigative commission to reexaminate the authorization method for auditory disorder on October 30, and compiled the report which asks for strengthening the accurate medical measure for the application of the physically handicapped persons' card.

It is a pillar in the report to impose a duty of more objective auditory examination: When the person with hearing loss applies for the second class which shows the serious condition, for the first time, the hearing test is conducted to achieve objective results over change of brain waves, etc.

The ministry will revise the notice to every self-governing body, aiming at enforcement next year.

The move was taken in response to the problem which Samuragouchi Mamoru who was working as "a totally deaf composer" was diagnosed as "he was not auditory disabled," and returned the disability card.

Under the present circumstances, the tester inspects auditory difficulties by the technique of the self-assessment by pushing a button when sound can mainly be heard.

There are about 1,000 persons, including the persons with disorder of the sense of equilibrium, who were issued with the disability card (the second class in auditory disorder) in 2012.

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