Hearing students in Shiga Prefecture learn about work of hearing dog

November 15, 2014

Recently about 260 students of Kusatsu Municipal Kusatsu Junior High School in Shiga Prefecture, central Japan learned about the assistance dog and its work that supports a person with disability, as part of the experience program related to disability.

Nakamura Masashi (中村正), 71, a staff from the facility "Biwakomimi no Sato (びわこみみの里)" in Moriyama-shi that provides social welfare services, explained about the role and the feature of the seeing eye dog, the partner dog, and the hearing dog in sign language.

He says that meanwhile there are 54 hearing dogs in the whole country, only two in the prefecture as of October.

When introducing work of a hearing dog, the dog under training demonstrated with the trainer. After the training, students touched the dog and said "lovely" with a smile.

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