Hard of hearing woman wins, ten successive victories at national karate convention

Kurimoto (center) reports her tenth successive 
victory to Mayor Nagamatsu (left).
October 26, 2014

The 10th National Disability Karate Convention was held in Tokyo Budokan Hall on October 4. Kurimoto Saya (栗本紗弥), 25, a personnel of the Bungotakada-shi Office in Oita Prefecture in Japan's southern island, won the victory in the hearing impairment category of the patter practice for women, winning the tenth successive victory. 

In spite of her congenital hearing loss, she attended the hearing school until the university. When she was a second grader in an elementary school, she went to the local karate club, began karate, and made quick progress by the strength of her natural unyielding spirit.

Kurimoto was a gold medalist in the the karate match for women (50-68 kg) at the Taipei Deaflympics in September, 2009.

She won the first victory when she was a high school freshmen at the Convention in Tokyo, continuing winning ten straight victories.

Kurimoto renewed a resolution, "I will train myself harder while teaching the younger people, by which I hope to repeat victories one by one". 

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