Government’s basic policy proposal consented to solve disability discrimination

November 10, 2014

The Disability Discrimination Law will be enforced in April, 2016, aiming at realization of the coexistent society regardless of the existence of disability. The Disability Policy Committee of Cabinet Office consented the government's basic policy proposal based on the law on the whole on November 10.

The basic policy proposal showed the view about the kinds of the disability discrimination which the law forbids and how it corresponds.

According to the policy proposal, about "unjust discriminatory treatment", a treatment for a person with disability different from people without a disability sees "a justifiable reason" objective, and it is considered as the case where it is unavoidable in the light of the just purpose.

Moreover, the proposal shows how to interpret "a reasonable accommodation". A duty will be imposed upon the public sector, meanwhile the private sector is required efforts unless a burden becomes too serious.

The factor which infringes on the right an benefits of a person with disability, which should be flexibly achieved according to a situation, establishment of regional organizations for consultation and prevention of conflicts were also outlined.

The government aims at a Cabinet decision before the year end after seeking the public comment of the basic policy proposal.

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