Deaf salesclerk commended for playing active role in business

Mihara (left) at the award program
November 25, 2014 


Accessibility Consortium (ACE) is the general general incorporated enterprise association which supports persons with disabilities as its object.

ACE held an event to present its first "ACE Award" on November 19 in Tokyo to commend the person with disability who plays an active role in an enterprise.

A Deaf man, Mihara Takeshi (三原毅), received the grand prize as the roll model who promotes coexistence of a person with disability and the person without one. He works in a flagship store of KDDI "au NAGOYA" in Aichi Prefecture, western Japan.

Mihara plans and offers a service to Deaf persons in sign language at the storefront, which was highly estimated that Mihara responded to the needs of many Deaf people.

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