Deaf group formed in Shimane Prefecture to spread charm of sign language

Members of the "Deaf Corps" advances
event preparation in sign language.
November 9, 2014

Ten Deaf persons centering on Matsue-shi, Shimane Prefecture meet
and enjoy conversation in sign language every month. They became interested in holding an event to promote an understanding to sign language among the hearing community.
Influenced by the move of Tottori Prefecture next to Shimane Prefecture that has enacted a sign language ordinance and advanced the measure for understanding of sign language, the Deaf persons started the group called the "Deaf Corps" in order to spread the charm and the fun of sign language from Matsue-shi.

The group is planning the social event "The Deaf Festival in Christmas" including the performance of the sign language manzai pairs (comedians) on December 7, which hearing and Deaf persons will be able to enjoy together.

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