Conference that supports students with disabilities to be established

November 12, 2014

In order to support college/university students with a disability in the class and an examination, university staffs will organize the general incorporated association, the "National Higher Education Conference for Students with Disability" and hold an establishment convention in the University of Tokyo on November 15.

It is because the governmental agency and the company are required for a "reasonable accommodation" defined by the Disability Discrimination Law, which will be enforced in April, 2016. The institutions of higher education will be also applied and 42 colleges and universities that will participate in the conference are due to cooperate and aim at full support for the students with disabilities.

Even though the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology shows a definition and examples of "reasonable accommodation", since it is not concrete, the conference plans to collect knowledge and experiences and to examine the state of suitable accommodation.

According to the investigation of Japan Student Services Organization last year, there were 13,449 students with disabilities who were on the register in the institutions of higher education, 0.42% of the total. It goes up the twice in 2008 (6,235).

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