City office rents device to support communication by persons with hearing loss for free of charge in Hyogo Prefecture

November 21, 2014

Ioroi (right) visits the city office on October 29
and chats with Mayor Nishimura around
conversation support device.
Kasai-shi in Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan, has begun to rent the conversation device that supports a person with hearing loss for free of charge.

Ioroi Shinsuke (五百蔵伸祐), director of the company, "Universal Sound Design" (Minato-ku, Tokyo) which develops a device to support a person with hearing loss, presented a conversation support device to the city, saying that it will be used for a communication tool with young people and people with hearing loss. 

The company has developed the support device called "COMUOON" (195,000 yen) in December, last year. It is amplified from a loudspeaker even without a hearing aids, voice from a microphone sounds natural, and one can hear clearly. Ioroi says that it has been introduced already in the doctor's office in the university hospital, etc.

There are 154 people with hearing loss in the city according to the city office. The conversation support device can be used by a senior citizen, at a meeting by a disability group, training and a household.

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