Staff from Deaf school wins in fencing match held in southern Japan

Kibe (left) and his teammates celebrate the victory in a fencing
match, fleuret, showing a certificate of merit proudly. 
October 15, 2014

The 69th National Athletic Meet was held in various parts of Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan's southern island on October 14.

On the 3rd day, the team representing Oita Prefecture in the same island maintained an easy advance in the adult fleuret
of fencing match in Isahaya-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture.

Three players, including Kibe Keiji (木辺啓二), a staff of the Oita Prefectural School for the Deaf, won all of four games to the final by the straight victory of 2-0 with preeminent teamwork.

It was the first for the Oita Prefecture team to win the championship in a convention.

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