Picture book to promote understanding of crime victim

Matsumura appeals for practical use
of the picture book, "Help!".
September 25, 2014 

The non-profit organization called "Omi Crime Victim Support Center" in Otsu-shi, Shiga Prefecture near Osaka has advanced crime victim support, such as creating the Help Card that a Deaf person uses for the report request to the police, etc.

The center made the picture book titled "Help!" (B5-sized, 26 pages) for persons with intellectual disability and children to understand what  crime victim is.

The project was led by the study session on the crime victim which opened for the persons with disabilities in the welfare facility in Moriyama-shi in the prefecture in 2012.

One of the board of directors, Matsumura Hiromi (松村裕美), 63, explained, "A person with disability who has been told not to trouble someone since the childhood tends to think that it is better not to say even if he/she suffers as a victim."

Many echoes are brought from guardians and persons concerned: "This book helps us know the feeling which was not able to be taken into consideration only by means of language."

Since courage is also needed for calling "Help!",  Matsumura wants to develop the environment where a person with disability can raise voice. She is appealing the picture book to be utilized to understand what crime victim is.

Picture book "Help!" (Japanese):

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