Mt. Ontake eruption: Deaf man yet missing

October 17, 2014

Finally search activities due to the eruption of Mt. Ontake sitting over both the prefectures in Nagano and Gifu, central Japan, on October 16.

The safety of the husband Inoka Tetsuya (45) who have climbed the mountain together with his wife Hiromi (42) is still unknown.

Their friends said, choked with sadness, "The couple are separate until a thaw next spring..."

The Deaf couple lived with the eldest son, an eleventh grader. While Hiromi worked, her husband managed housekeeping.

Hiromi was found with the dead body, finished cremation, and has returned home in Kai-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Her mother learned the search closed and is worried about her grandson. "He is so reliable that he memorizes sign language for his Deaf parents. Although he does not complain, I feel sorry for him." He reportedly says, "Only I can to is: I will do my best."

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