Laborious works of Deaf students exhibited at Ehime University in Kagawa Prefecture

The work of every student's rich way of
thinking is exhibited in a line in the hall.
October 4, 2014

The exhibition titled "The Mingle Art of Deaf Students: visualization with the eyes, and feeling by touch" started at the Ehime University Museum located in Matsuyama-shi, Kagawa Prefecture in western Japan on October 3. It opens till November 2.

About 50 works, including pictures and solid works, were submitted by seven alumni and ten students of the Kagawa Prefectural Matsuyama School for the Deaf in the city. The visitor is welcome to even touch a lively expression with full of individuality.

The event was planned to commemorate the 50 years of education research exchange program by the Ehime University Department of Education and the school. The large-scale exhibition by the Deaf students was the first.

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