Job training program for persons with disabilities offered in Osaka

September 26, 2014

The "Disability Discrimination Law" which aims at expansion of employment of persons with disabilities, etc. will be enforced in April, 2016.

The employment rate of the persons with disabilities in the hospitality industry was reported low compared with other types of industry.

The International Communication Center for Persons with Disabilities located in Sakai-shi, Osaka Prefecture, entrusted by the prefecture, began a training program related to the hospitality industry for persons with disabilities in order to promote their employment in the hospitality industry.

About 50 persons aged between the 10's and 30's who attend a university, a high school, a special support school, etc. in the prefecture
study business for a maximum of one month at the hotel and restaurant in the Center.

The person in charge of the center expects the experience through the training program leading to activity in a workplace.

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