Deaf university student continues playing rugby

October 22, 2014

Although WTB Otsuka Takayuki (大塚貴之), 22, of the Teikyo University Rugby Club was born profoundly hearing loss, he has still been trained for four years in the university strongest army corps in Tokyo.

While playing rugby he does not know where an opponent's tackle pounces from after a game starts.

Although communication is important in rugby, he cannot hear a friend's call. He also judges a referee's whistle from his gesture. However, his play does not show a handicap. He has pursued the elliptical ball.

Otsuka says, "My high school team didn't win the prefetural match in Oita in southern island, so I chose Teikyo University." The peak was achieved as a member of the Teikyo University Rugby Club.

Now that he obtained a promise of employment from Panasonic, he continues playing for regular season game until graduation.

Director Iwade Masayuki, 56, who accepted Otsuka's admission into the club, praising Otsuka's eagerness and skill, "He isn't easily extracted from a tackle. The power of acquiring information through his excellently visual ability."    

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