Deaf senior wins 3rd place for 5km running near Tokyo area

Takayama Michio, an ardent runner.
October 6, 2014
In the marathon exchange convention held in the Igashira Park in Mooka-shi, Tochigi Prefecture, south to Tokyo, a Deaf senior Takayama Michio  (高山道雄), 74, was on the dead run, winning the 3rd place with "5km running for men aged 70 and over".

His result was great following the championship of the Kochi convention in southern Japan which he participated last year.

Takayama had competed in the track and field convention since a junior high school student of the Prefectural School for the Deaf.

He participated also in Deaflympics opened in Washington, D.C. in 1965, and gained the 3rd place.

He still joins in the race every place a several times a year.

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