Deaf group performs dancing through "hearing" sounds

The demonstration of "music for the deaf" by
SOUL FAMILY - They don't look like a Deaf person.
Sayama (left) and Manabe.
An electric stimulus device (center) is operated
by a smart phone. The main part of the device
is attached at the waist. The contact portion to
which Sayama attaches to the arm is put on t
he upper part of the back in practice.

October 19, 2014
When I was staring at three Deaf dancers dancing soul music in the back, music stopped suddenly. They were keeping on dancing in silent space. The equipment which conducts music by electric stimulus was called "biri-biri device" on their back. Their performance titiled "music for deaf" was shown as a special guestat the event held in Yokohama.

It was realized by the collaboration of the development team, including a media artist Manabe, 38, known for an idol group  "Perfume" stage production, etc., and the Deaf dancer group "SOUL FAMILY" that Sayama Shinji, 27, leads.

Sayama is dealing with customers at the sign language counter of the cellular phone company. He was charmed by the street dance when he saw on the TV midnight program and began to dance in the school days.

However, he felt more difficult in hearing as he pursued more. His friend recommended a video, which Sayama saw and felt hope.

It was something called "Electric Stimulus to Face" which moves the muscles of a face by the electric stimulus that Manabe attached the electrode to the face and synchronized with music.

Sayama says, "I thought that it was applicable to our dance performance at the moment. Although there was a concept of dance following the system that the sound changed into the color, the electric stimulus is more direct and better. "

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